Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Multiple redundancies

Bed, a bistro/club. Astro, a satellite TV company. It always strikes me as a little funny that the bistro still has to get a separate satellite dish to get its transmissions from outer space, though an office of the host company is just next door (I wonder if they send a van for repairs).

Went for a buffet lunch the other day, and as is my custom of sorts, I ate like a pig (and I believe I ate pig too) took a breather in between. To which someone asked me,

"So, is that a comma, or a full-stop?"

To which my digestive juices invited me to answer,


I'm typing from a cyber cafe again what with two of the computers in my house in repairs, and mine still temperamental as ever. Inspiring me to save up for the all-good MacBook, though I hear only the higher-end ones come in black:

MacBook Pro

Teng Jian tells me that the dropping of the "iBook" name for "MacBook" is so that all the computers will have a common "Mac"ness to them. In which case I'm glad that they went minimalist in terms of size:

Mac Mini

especially considering that if the went the other way there might be copyright issues:

Big Mac!

I'm off to Phuket, if everything goes well with fixing my ticket which was booked to KL. Aiyaiyai... and see you on the weekend.

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~tengman.k.~ said...

Apologies if i gave the wrong impression. The high-end MacBook is black but the Pros are silver.