Monday, July 17, 2006

Entirely Derivitive

Didn't even realize that the local toll booths on the highway had these messages till a friend pointed it out to me. Another friend mentioned that there's a special lane with a big sign marked "PLUS AND GO", and from a certain angle, which unfortunately I was unable to capture, it actually blocks the first two words of the message above... making it look like there's a lane "to porn" on the highway. (Highway to Heaven rings out in the background)Whoo-hoo!

Also derivative is an actually worthwhile email forward related to me and rehashed here in the great aural tradition of inaccurate reproduction. For non-Malay readers, "pun" means "also" and "tak" means "not".

I SAY and you don LISTEN.
You LISTEN also you don UNDERSTAND.
You Understand pun you don DO.
You DO but you DO WRONG.
You DO WRONG and you don't CORRECT.
You CORRECT still you not HAPPY.
You HAPPY pun you tak SAY.
I SAY and you don LISTEN!

Lastly, welcome to Chee Meng, the newest addition to my links.

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