Tuesday, July 04, 2006

"And The Dance Beckoned"

OK, I'm keen on calling the recital "And The Dance Beckoned". It's got a cool word at the end, it'll get all the schoolkids saying I shouldn't start a sentence with "And" (to which I might reply that it's not a sentence to begin with), and I'd like to discuss the different dances in the pre-concert talk. I'd actually prefer "And Then The Dance Beckoned" or "And The Dance Beckoned Us On", but, well, the things we do for brevity.

Yuki, who was visiting from Bangkok these past two days, suggested something like "Shall We Dance?", which is actually quaint, except that it's already a movie title... with Jennifer Lopez in it, apparently. Not exactly the kind of dance music we have in mind.

The recital rehearsals are going well, and it's interesting to study up on the different characters of the various dances - including the Armenian Exprompt, the Spanish Passacaglia, and the Hungarian Dances.

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eg9 said...

"And The Dance Went On..."


"Dance ON!"

"... (no) Chance to Dance"

"Music Of The Dance"

"And The Dance Goes On..."

"Where Are The Dancing Girls?"