Friday, July 07, 2006

Dust, Stretch and See Ya in a Week

I should mention that the invitations via donations will still take at least another week or so to be prepared, and I'll announce it here. Emails to the Thalassaemia address will be fine though, methinks.

I've been putting in some time getting my Photoshop (and photography) skills dusted and stretched, both with the above and the upcoming new logo for the Thalassaemia Society. Must admit, that and the recent published article reminds me of the things that I like about journalism and why I got into it... but then the real world would demand that I produce for someone else's concepts and agenda, and I'm not sure I'm up for that. Arty-farty artiste in the end, I suppose. At least partially anyway.

It was my mom who pointed out the astonishingly obvious choice of "The Music Beckons" instead of "The Dance Beckons", which sounds a little less classy somehow, but definately more direct and useful in getting the right idea across. Sneexe's "Music of the Dance" was a good one too. Okie dokie, I'm going to KL then Sarawak for the Rainforest Music Festival! Be back in a week!


eg9 said...

Wow, nice work on the photoshop.

I really like the use of perspective in conjunction with the title.

Only, the lettering is rather hard to make out.

August 5th eh... let me see about getting a ride back to Pg.

AF said...

Thanks, yeah, the lettering was challenging. Would have liked another couple of hours to tweak that out. But anyway, yeah, would be great if you could make it. Invitations now available via donations.