Thursday, May 11, 2006

Stage 1: KL

T'was nice to meet people in KL, I must say, though technically I was in Petaling Jaya and not exactly KL, and I'm looking forward to going back to see the city centre and try out the new (well, new to me) Monorail. But not so soon. Pokai 'd. That ah, from Sing-ka-poh, I tell you about that later-loh. Today we talk about, as my friend once say-ah, Kay-el. When spelled like that, sounds like name of Superman-wan. So fantastik.

I'm particularly touched by KL food. The way that, you know, a bug feels when it has a quick fling with the bottom of a shoe. I SMSed a friend, going:

I admire the courage of KL people. They wake up every morning knowing they'll face this crap food and they don't head for the nearest roof and jump off.

You wouldn't blame me, I know you wouldn't. If you're from anywhere other than KL and you've actually been there, you'll know I Speak The Truth. If you're from KL, by now your brain cells are probably too screwed up from the food to know any better.

I had just come from Penang and I was looking at what was supposed to be char koay teow (fried noodles, it is very the yummy). But this shameless KL imitation... If I were gracious I would say that it was a tub of lard splotched by randomly flung noodles. But I'm not going to to be gracious. Noooooo. In truth, as I messaged over the phone:

This looks like disemboweled road kill. And it tastes worse.

I tell you, some parts I couldn't tell if it was just burnt or if it was skid marks. People who can cook like this can't tell the difference between olive oil and motor oil.

Anyway, that was pretty much it, though like I said, meeting people was cool. Right as the AirAsia plane was taking off for Singapore, suddenly the sound system played some music - specifically Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On". And so I was going, gee...

Song choice, song choice!

With a name like AirAsia, you'd think it'd have enuf Asian feng shui superstition not to play the soundtrack of Titanic on board this lug of metal which hopes not to go down prematurely. You think no iceberg in air ah? Where you think snow come from wan? Anyway, the plane made it fine, which all leads us to Singapore... and another story, another day.

PS I've put back the Marsupial to the title. Makes more sense. Somehow.


Roxanne said...

Hi Sir Andrew! How are you? This is Roxanne from SAYOWE 2005. I hope you remember me. :)

AF said...

Heya! Thanks for popping by! :)