Saturday, January 21, 2006


I think eventually the sign of an advanced society will be time management. You know what I mean - there are times when you just have so many things you want to grab a hold of, and just not enough hours in a day to do it. And other times where there's just so much time and not enough of an arsenal to kill it. Surprisingly, right now I'm in the former, since I have a handwritten essay I want to blog, and just not enough time before my rehearsal to get it done. And I'll be in the latter soon enough when I get back to Penang - see? How advanced it would be if I could just say, ok, Eternal Plane of Time and Matter, I'm gonna just borrow an hour, and you can deduct it from next week, ok? And bam, there we go, things fall into place.
Or, I could have just woken up an hour earlier today. But unfortunately I'm not that advanced. And I'm too infatuated with my snooze button. Oh yeah baby, let me sleep, yeah.

Went to a Chulalongkorn University concert yesterday and some of the works were really impressive. I'll probably be on a lookout for a few of the works on CD, though I doubt I'd find it any time soon, so I'll just recommend it here:

1. Chats (Cats) for flute ensemble/quartet by Marc Berthomieu
2. Concertino da camera for alto saxophone and 11 instruments by Jacques Ibert
3. Techno-Parade for flute, clarinet and piano by Guilliaume Connesson
4. Aurora borealis for marimba and percussion ensemble by John Thrower

Those who know me musically may be surprised that it's all pretty much contemporary. I would note that the last two are contemporary works which are probably better watched live rather than on audio disc. Cool stuff, seriously.

Oops, time's up, gotta run.

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eg9 said...

Tut tut. It's people like you who run up the nation's credit card deficit... *poke*

Hehee :)