Thursday, January 19, 2006

Carpe the diem, man.

I've come to think about what people do to pass the time. Basically because I have too much time to pass, perhaps. And the three stages I've observed are:

The generation before mua:
Childhood: Marbles, hopscotch.
Getting older: TV, nature - walking, jogging, etc.
Now: Gardening.

Those born in the late 70s - early 80s
Childhood: Coloring books, Legos, TV, Cycling. Soccer, VCRs, Stamp collecting.
Getting older: Coffee places, blogging.
Preview of later times: Golf?

Those born in the 90s.
Childhood: Xbox, PS2s, and other things with various collections of random letters and numbers for names.
Getting older: Who knows?

It does seem to be as time goes by, people seem to be less and less connected to the natural world around them - which is not as scary as the fact that people tend to connect to other people more online than in person. And when it comes to stuff like Ragnarok, it also means that you're connecting to other people who all have fake names, and an online personality that includes clothes and shocking pink hairstyles that you wouldn't be caught dead in in real life. Not to mention things like a Necromancy Level 7. By the time we reach youngsters born in the 21st century, we might just plug them in and send in pysiotheraphists in once in a while to avoid muscle athrophy.

From Googling "Lazy". Attribution:

On a personal level, I think I'm just getting a little alarmed how much external incentive (i.e. available concerts to watch/perform in, parties/suppers) I need to actually get out and do something with my free time. Must carpe the diem a little more. Including personal practice.

Interestingly, there is actually a piece of music simply entitled Lazy by Mark Sabatella.

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