Sunday, January 01, 2006

Resolution: still 800 x 600

Things I believe. Things I found out recently. And stuff towards which I'm still aiming.

The large part of the lyrics from Savage Garden's Affirmation. The way it's going, the world's fishing industry could wipe out most of the world's fish within our generation. Tissue paper beats hankies. Waking up quickly, i.e. without snoozing into a different time zone. Morality, and even spirituality, are often quite separate things from the concept of organized religion. Apathetic is not pronounced "ay-pathetic". Practicing regularly without an actual concert or audition target. It's also not pronounced "apa taktik?" I've actually forgotten how it actually is pronounced. Good practice, when it does happen, involves continually asking questions. Reheating rice multiple times is apparently not healthy. They've got to be the right sort of questions. Tolerating most of pop music. "Is my bow in the right hand?" is generally a good one. The name "Malaysia" came from "Malaya" with the "si" from "Singapore". Drinking more milk. Sometimes though, mindless repetition of a study is also handy. Accepting things more, especially when it's not accompanied by understanding. Latin is beautiful. The violist from the Emerson quartet was annoyed when he was asked to coach a chamber music group... only to find out it was a piano trio. Butter beats margarine. Making use of the morning hours. The English language is more complicated than it needs to be. Playing the piano. If this is as complicated, reading color by color helps... a little.

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