Tuesday, January 03, 2006

And so here it is

Well, this is the new look. Much thanks to Jing for the help in deciphering some more of html and showing me the directions I could head towards and the options I could employ.

Mostly, I'm happier with less color flooding the screen, and a perspective that better matches the kind of stuff that I generally post about. The new appearance might change off and on slightly though: I'm thinking about rotating a number of title headers for one. I rather like current one, but as I told Teng, I just don't want to look like the class clown all the time.

And perhaps more importantly, I learned a few more things about fiddling with html. Cheers, Jing. :)

P.S. A little background on the title graphic:
1. The kangaroo is really from a boomerang I got from Adelaide, Australia.
2. The koala, an oft forgotten marsupial, is actually holding a little boomerang.
3. The sign on the left is from a service doorway in Bangkok's subway, without any copyright notice.


Anonymous said...

Always glad to be of help as usual. Thank you in return for being such a great teacher on Betsy.

Now. That sounds. kinky.


bess said...

a violist teaching cello? interesting...