Wednesday, January 04, 2006

For better or for worse... Labels.

Creditation: Glyn Goodwin, and Brett B.

I took an old issue of the BBC classical music magazine out for tosai yesterday and came across the term "podium peacock" to describe conductors who, as one critic pointed out, preferred to give choreography to the audience rather than clear signals to the orchestra. On the other hand, this is just adorable.

Also had a nice laugh when I found out that David Krumholtz of the AXN series Numb3rs actually played as the kid boyfriend of Christina Ricci's Wednesday in Addams Family Values - those of us who enjoyed watching it when it came out might be surprised to know that that was a full 13 years ago. There's something about Christina Ricci that kind of relates of visual caffeine - in a good way. Wakes you up.

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