Saturday, December 31, 2005


It's supposed to be that which defines our existence, even pushes us to strive further because our time on this plane of existence is indeed with a limit. But yet the English language does seem to have a rather negative view of the word, considering words and phrases like, "mortified" or "in mortal fear".

The last day of the year... and I'll be attending the funeral of my grand-aunt as this post is read. Didn't know her too well. But another generation seems to be... moving on... with only my maternal grandmother left. With my family there's some unstated - actually sometimes it's actually stated - concern with that, considering none of my generation of cousins are married and reproducing. In fact last Chinese New Year the rest of us (half-) jokingly told my cousin Pei to delay getting married because then the clock ticks for the rest of us.

I seem to have other reminders of mortality these days - my mom actually said that we should all have a will, and that's been something I've been meaning to do for a while. It was an awkward moment when I explained to my mom that in whatever unknown event, the instruments would likely not remain in the family - it's a musical tradition to pass it over to someone else who'd do it justice. I'm not entirely sure it was understood, but the way the family functions these days is to accept, if not understand, which is a good policy.

As for passing on the instruments, can't blame a musician for wanting to live on even after the last goodbye - or at least be remembered a little longer. On that note, some of us haven't forgotten about a farewell concert to Alex Phuah, and the tentative card on deck is a Mozart Flute Quartet, considering he played the flute, and that all of us would have known him well at one point.

Happy 2006 everyone - let's all make time count.

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