Monday, December 26, 2005

Case in Point

Songkiat's viola case - shaped to the curves of the instrument... basically meaning that it looks like a cello case. Interesting, and probably tougher than our regular ones.

My cello, Betsy, has moved on to its next owner, and the $$ will likely go to buying a double case i.e. a case that will fit both my violin and viola for their journey to the States, while my harp, Patience will hopefully be in the hands of a musical guardian.

Looks like I'll have a little fun playing with USM's Jazz Band for this Friday's concert, and perhaps more serious enjoyment for a chamber concert with an MPO clarinettist in February.

I've been less than frequent in blogging recently, mostly due to lack of access in Thailand, but got some real blog energy going now, and the new year should bring a new look to this marsupial's meanderings.

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