Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bloggeroo! Preview!

The original blog title for this was "Star Light, Star Bright, First Star I Burp Tonite" but it has been changed to preview one of the main changes to this blog's design... Hope to have your input, any way is fine, comment, e-mail, chatterbox or even loudspeaker. Click on the blue version titles to preview the blog title header. But before you do, I'll freely admit that I was a little inspired by Jing's blog header, and while the designs have some similarity, it's hopefully still original enough, and it's with Jing's ok.

Version 1: this one could go better with a darkish background, perhaps a navy blue. Though I'm still keen on a light greyish option - and yes, that means the parchment will go soon. Too color thick for me.

Version 2: with a light background.

In other news... Links: Finally managed to upload my pic onto that rather elusive Rice Bowl Journals site. In related news, interestingly, the seventh highest-rated blog on Blogpatrol is a Malaysian one. I personally prefer the stuff on the kennysia site (from Seong's link), but the "continue reading" function is kinda cool, and chances are, available for use via some function of Html for those with higher technical functions-based cerebral capacity than my own.

Apparently I may be going to India next year, if my finances hold up anyway - one of my friends may be having an arranged marriage next year and apparently his mother is now "on the hunt" - his words, not mine! Found a blog currenty on the blogger's arranged marriage in progress...

This was scary: "I told her that the next 10 minutes are important and she can be open in asking any question. She doesnt have much to say (she was also nervous)... I conveyed my expectations and once we both thought nothing else I get into the Guest room. My parents and I went back to home and conveyed a message to their family well wisher that we liked the girl."

But this a touch charming: "I was told by my parents that she needs couple of days to decide on the proposal unlike the descision is communicated on the same day. I felt happy for a while because she is using her brain..."

For the whole thingumajig (or, if you prefer, the whole something something) you can check it out here, Dec 26th posting.

And Lights: Visiting USM has brought back some interesting memories. Like the foreign exchange student in my public speaking class who asked about the etymology of our lecturer's name Pn. Aminah or something something, which meant "Shining Light", to which he asked, "So, can I call you Mrs Shining Light?" Of course linguistics is all about culture, which is why he called the local club Slippery Senoritas as "Double S" instead of just "SS" that the rest of us use - considering that he was German, that did make sense.

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