Monday, November 28, 2005

Sake. Farewells. Ripples.

In the battle of Guilt at Neglecting One's Blog vs Sleepiness Induced by Sake, it seems the former has won out, even if there's only ten minutes of frantic typing to ease the guilt quotient and much hmm, I hope there weren't many speliling mistkases when I get back to hitting the hay.

Leaving work was surreal, as has been many things these last days in Thailand. Things set in when one gets packing up to leave, a process in which the following rules seem to apply:

1. Give it away.
2. Throw it away.
3. Sleep? HAHAHAHA...

It hasn't yet been the end of new experiences here though, with meeting a new breed of taxi drivers - one who sees my viola case and presumably takes that as opportune enough to audition in singing with the radio along the ride. (To his credit, the singing was charming in an equally alcoholic sort of way).

The airports will be popular in my final sight-seeing iteneary, it seems, with flying to Chiang Mai in a few hours, and back to Penang soon after.

The farewells have been going by in a flash, and the gifts - are really some nice reminders of a really enjoyable two years here in Thailand. Oopsie, my ten minutes are up - next posting from the shores of Penang, which constitute beaches that Penangites (or adopted Penangites like myself, anyhow) miss more when that far away from the ripples.

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