Wednesday, November 23, 2005

There's a Hair in my Pot

It's a little funny that the first few notes of the Hungarian Rondo is identical to the marching band classic American Patrol which the Viola Ensemble is also doing (the conductor told me jokingly to try not to mix them up by accident).

A friend just spent the past couple of days at my place, which has left me with the ability to wake up earlier (and crash to sleep at night earlier too); which has definate benefits, including time for packing. Unfortunately from experience, this effect tends not to last very long, due to an inexplicable tendency for me to be glued to war movies with less combat action scenes and more of backstage bitching - very well scripted bitching - between generals and politicians.

Harry Potter was not bad overall, considering the last three movies have gotten viewers used to the idea that it will depart from the book, or perhaps because it's probably been a while since some of us read the book. The young actors have finally learned how to act, if you count in the occasional overacting, and the Dumbledore actor still looks like he's high on more than one sort of prohibited substance. I personally would have liked an extra 30 minutes to fit in some of the extras, but then I have to admit that if they had done that, I'd still ask for another 30 minutes for a few more extras. The new composer for the soundtrack is the pits, but then I suppose he was cheaper than a what-happened-to-you-John-Williams. Found the weird musical instruments cute though.

I'm trying in advance to recruit people to go here with me when I'm in the States:

Apart from being an everlasting monument to the invention of the golf ball... or a mutated durian, it's also Epcot Center, of the three parks in Disneyworld, in Florida. More than just mice, come along, eh!

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