Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Under the Radar

Or so would my first few weeks or months back in Malaysia seem to be, with the number of events I have back in Bangkok over the next couple of months. As my friend said, "You're not going back. You're going back and forth, back and forth..."

I've observed a couple of interesting things:

1. The opening of Bernstein's Candide Overture sounds a lot like the theme of Woody Woodpecker.
2. During the sports news on TV when they show selected moments of soccer/football matches, they are very often the same as would be a show entitled, "Our Goalie's Most Tragic Moments".

The concert in Chiang Mai was fun - some nice investments to the bank of crazy real-life music jokes, and an even more interesting moment when some escaped convict ran into the hotel and had to be hunted down by police with guns out.

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