Friday, September 09, 2005

Going a Little Far... Sighted.

Or, near-sighted, rather. I must really miss Malaysia - in what has to be a subconscious inclination to replicate haze-like visability, I broke my glasses. OK, I admit: I sat on my glasses. I would like to now remind readers that the politically-correct term for "stupid" is "mentally challenged", a deficiency which I insist is limited to my rear end. In my defence, it was because of putting into practice - literally - some theories I have on practicing in the dark, in centering the focus of the senses to those of tactile and auditory coordination. And then, today's run-through of the Weber with the piano was simply disastrous, which is very disconcerting considering the amount of work put in and how good it was getting in prior practice. I am reminded of the brutal nature of performance: that no matter how much effort you have put in, it is the moment, the present, that will judge you. I trudge forward resolutely nonetheless, not out of hope (nor hopelessness), but in determination and an I'll-be-damned-if-I-let-this-beat-me attitute, which I hope in this case, is not literal.

On a brighter note, I include two interesting subjects in tertiary education that I've come across: degree/diploma work in homeland security, and in toilet management and viticulture (the science of wine-making).

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Amir said...

No hard feelings, I SLEPT on my glasses and broke them...