Friday, September 09, 2005

Some of Paths Less Taken

Four hours later, two Ferrero Rochers - however its spelt, two hours spent mostly kryptoniting the one section that made the Weber a disaster, a rather successful tryout of Glinka, and an A&W Root Beer, and I'm considerably more upbeat than when I penned the last posting. A large part of that is findging out that I shift considerably better with the second finger than the first, and while in many cases one should stretch rather than shift, there are cases where the opposite is true. At least one thing can be said of a bad musical session - it motivates, and perhaps even gets some unused brain cells going. You know, the ones that are active only when you're two centimeters away from a rabid dog, and the ones which suddenly come to you making you realize that your wallpaper looks like Barney the Televised Stuffed Dino.

As much as I really find things special in music and like being in it, I've been daydreaming of what if I had a different job. The following has come to mind, though a couple of them are obviously not actual careers:

1. The study of cloud formations.
2. Lecturing on the links between music and literature.
3. Shakespearean productions.
4. Genetic research.
5. Host a bogus TV show giving callers weird advice that combines superstition, astrology, tai chi and feng shui. People would call and watch just to observe wackiness in action.
6. Advanced research on water, focussing on why distilled water is the very best there is.
7. Novel writing. In both senses of the first word.
8. Painting on irregular surfaces.
9. Architecture with the emphasis on the use of glass in shaping light.


Kat in da Hat said...

I love Ferrera Rochers!

eg9 said...

..they all sound like fascinating work, with the exception of No.6. EWWW.