Wednesday, September 07, 2005

21st Century Music

An mushroom dinner with a friend produced some interesting conversation into new music technology currently in research and development:

1. Computer software which can turn a CD of chamber music into a printed music score/parts. I've always wanted such a program for orchestral music as well, but it's likely to be too complicated - and more importantly, chances are online and CD-ROM based scores will arrive first. For the latter, concertos, quartets, sonatas are already available.

2. A "minus-1" (soundtrack) of orchestral accompaniment for concertos that will be able to adjust to a soloist's choice and changes of tempo and dynamics.

Also, some of us are already familar with this new model of violins and violas:

Which can found at this link. It'd be interesting to try one one, I rather like this quote in describing why the viola should be redesigned: "Ideally, a viola should be played like a cello or a gamba: between the knees. But the chances of anyone going to a symphony concert and seeing a viola section suddenly transformed into a clan of mini-cellists is slim indeed."

Perhaps music technology will also provide new 3-D glasses which will make these intruments look balanced, heh heh.

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