Sunday, July 31, 2005

Tune In

My sister will be on air tonight, 9-10:30pm Malaysian and Singaporean time, an hour earlier here in Bangkok - her first live project in broadcasting. The link is also placed on the sidebar, which brings me to the other stuff that lies therein.

Rice Bowl Journals is a collection of blogs from people from Asia, though there are plenty who currently write from elsewhere. You can sort through the blogs by country, and the charming thing about is that they read and quote from the blogs they like, providing an interesting read. Angeline studied in PFS when I was temporary teacher there, and is heading for a career in upholding law (whereas my life has been in the hope people don't notice when I break 'em. Heh heh.) I'm on the advisory board of Strings Magazine, though for whatever reason, the mail of the magazines has been sporadic. On the other hand, it seems Sneexe has managed to connect via MSN, which means hope for future progress in the Garrett.

In the meantime though, do tune in.


AnGeLiNe said...

So I'm depending on you to make me famous, Mr "Big-Time" Criminal.. :)

eg9 said...

and nobody is ever online!!! :p

AF said...

For a while I was thinking that chatterboxes are killing the use of comments, making things ever more transient.

Angeline: I dunno about famous, but I could do "infamous", eh? Heh heh.

Sneexe: I'm on MSN just about every night... but sometimes quite late :|

Comments, and the charm of the illusion of permanence.