Saturday, July 30, 2005


This was what was supposed to be a pancake I ordered in Khao Sarn. That’s right, the steak knife which came with it should have been some sort of indication, never mind that the thing was the better part of an inch thick. Still it was worth the laughs and the attempts at reverse engineering such a… contraption.

Here I include, from my dad, a recipe for real pancakes, and mighty good ones too. They’ve come with a banana-added variation, and I’m planning a go with blueberries, yes, still very purple.

Recipe for Pancakes (makes 4 medium pancakes)

Ingredients:1 cup of flour; 2 tsp of baking powder (no need if you use self-raising flour)½ tsp salt; 1 tbp sugar, 1 egg; ¾ cup of fluid milk; 2 tbp of oil/butter(tsp= teaspoon; tbp= table spoon)

Mix dry ingredients. Beat egg and add milk. Add to flour mixture and stir until mixed. Batter can be a bit lumpy but mixture must be smooth. If too thick, add a little water and stir. For the first pancake add a bit of butter/margarine to pan. After that just add in the pancake mix. Make sure the fire is not too high or the pancake will be burnt. Wait until you see some bubbles on the surface and then flip over. The colour of the pancake will depend on how long you wait until you flip it over. Practice makes better.

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