Friday, May 13, 2005

Innovation Friday: What IF I owned a TV station?

Well, more specifically, a news channel. I imagine I’d introduce Real Subtitles. Not just translations to another language – but from What The Heck Are You Talking About? to The Real Stuff. Besides the 1. translations to what people are actually saying, new technology should also gear at 2. translating what people are actually thinking. Naturally my channel would be called, “Curse that Mumbling Marsupial” or CMM, as shown here:

Of course, eventually I’ll move to expand into hosting movies, and other translation options will be provided, so you get what works best for you. So let’s take Yoda’s great line, “Powerful you have become… Much to learn you still have.” You have the choice of:

1. Gonna kick your Sith butt, I will.
2. Who’s your daddy? WHO’S YOUR DADDY?!

And when people actually miss the ridiculousness of our current translations, we have the senti choice of:

3. Bayi, anda roti bakar, ya. (“You’re toast, baby, yeah.”)

1 comment:

~tengman.k.~ said...

Now that's food for thought. I imagine it will be the standard for newscasting in the future...

1. Heh, it's funny but nobody will touch it with a wooden sooup spoon.
3. Itulah yang fikiran makan. Adalah masuk akal bahawa idea ini akan menjadi tahun untuk pembalingan berita masa hadapan.