Saturday, May 14, 2005

How Dangerous Is A Violist?

Apparently very. My Spanish-speaking friend informs me that a special word, “violista” had to be invented for violists. The more logical word construction (I believe the technical term is morphology) would lead to the word “violador” which already means “rapist”. OUCH.

And then there’s this epic battle between me, the violist, and Sean the violinist:

AF: maybe I cast a Level-2 divisionist spell
AF: After I put on my wizard's robe and hat
Sean: hmmm..
Sean: i'll cast lvl5 dispel
Sean: the divisionist spell fizzles
AF: I play a viola solo.
AF: You crumble in pain
AF: Your ears drop off
AF: But you're still screaming.
Sean: i cast lvl10 endure - able to undure all damage for 3 minutes - i equipt my pole axe and cast spiral pierce
Sean: 12k damage
AF: But violists cannot die because they are the living undead. I play the violin like a viola. Level 20 screeching ensues. Now you can't feel anything with your tastebuds.
Sean: arrggh.....
Sean: cast recovery and everything turns back to normal state...
Sean: cast heal on the violist and since its an undead, it take holy damge...
Sean: heal bomb stuns undead
AF: But since a violist is always stunned (especially in sightreading), undead laughs
AF: He uses over-long finger nails to pluck strings like picking someone's nose
AF: Sound makes your small toes turn purple.

The remainder didn’t pass the censors, but suffice to say that I eventually conceded defeat and the lousy state of Ohio to Sean.

PS Looky looky I've got new links... And Mike, I concur, whoever did this Recover Post thing, brava, brava, bravissimo!


~short stuff~ said...

what can I say. I was the witness to this dramatic battle. :P

Unfortunately, the recover post thingy didnt work for me the other day. :(

LostSt said...

Brilliant idea of putting up links to downloads!, and it was a fast dl, man.... Cool!

Recover Post is the bomb, cybercafes are so bad i have to constantly use it. I was cursing my lungs out the other day till i tried the recover button.

Sean as usual is a good debater for epic RPG battles of ANY kind. But yeah, i'm suprised why the Violist didn't win...thing were looking pretty up on ur side... Hehe


~tengman.k.~ said...

well, i saw the end of the battle, and the depraved nature of the violinist just destroyed the violist's hope. perversion trumps pure destruction every time

eg9 said...

DAmn! put the rest of the transcript up!!!! I shall die of curiosity otherwise!!!