Thursday, May 12, 2005

me and weird dreams, mee-an something

When I reach the limits of exhaustion, when I finally pop to bed, I have twisted dreams. Last night's episode was an amalgamation of Julia Stiles and Hillary Hahn with the personality of that crazy woman Kathy Bates played in Misery, going to a party at a flooded Penang Governor’s mansion, where party-goers took turns on a helicopter without blades. Which still isn’t as freaky as the one I got a month ago of the little canaries which looked like curry puffs with beaks a cross-breed of pelicans and parrot. Pelirot? Parican? And the reoccurring dream I got as a kid with a scene from those old Lone Wolf RPG books, where I’m on this bridge in hell, close to a barbequed Lord of the Ring’s version of The Bridge of Khadzzadum, however that’s spelled – it’s got a great sound track thing, and I’m running away like Indiana Jones does with that big rolling boulder, but instead of a big rock, I’m like a bat out of hell from this huge Goodyear tyre.

Anyway, spent most of yesterday with some Penang Free School teachers who were holidaying here, very senti indeed. We went to this place called Ko Kret (Kret Island, but you won’t hear anyone calling it like that here) – in the middle of the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok. When you’re there you’re actually walking into people’s neighborhoods, where the lower levels of their homes have been turned into shops, mostly of handicrafts. It’s my third visit (my second visit last year, I made a wrong turn and it turned into a jungle trek, where when it’s too late, there’s a sign that goes, “You are HERE” which actually means, “You are LOST!”). Beyond that sneaky turning though, it’s a cool place, especially since I found this:

Now this ranks up there with my favourite foods, and it’s a heckuva lot cheaper than sharksfin soup and lobster with cheese. I forgot what it’s called (mee-an something), basically you put all these little ingredients into this leaf, usually in a California roll style, add this sweet sauce thing, and bingo. Food heaven. Lip-smackingly good. Sedap. Aroi. Gotta find out where I can get more of this.

I’ve started a new blog – for my office. This won’t be a personal blog, but one for the events of the school.


tsh said...

myan kam! :)

there're a few places in pg where u can get good, authentic myan kam..

u know the thai rest yellow light, deep in tanjung bungah?

~tengman.k.~ said...

Oo I haven't been to yellow light in ages man. but my mom makes myan kam! andrew, maybe you should see a psychoanalysis. might be interesting to see how people interpret your dreams. not to sound like you need therapy ;) I WANNA HELICOPTER WITHOUT BLADES!

eg9 said...

Doh, I clicked on this about to say you can get it at Yellow Light restaraunt, and looky what we found? :) Not so deep in Tg Bungah... actually between Fettes Park and Tg Bungah kinda :)

AF said...

Hmm... interesting. The places I've been to are Namprik - years ago, and Chok Dee in Island Glades. Both good, though now it seems a little watered down.

Gotta disappoint you Teng, the chopper didn't fly, but the party goers seemed to alcoholicly induced to care. :P