Friday, April 24, 2009

Singu, pluru, aku keliru

Finally got back to doing some stuff for YouTube, which I hope to upload over the weekend... and it was another reminder to go back and check some of the basics. I still have this maddening tendency not to lock up my elbow joint in off-string passages. And a little issue with my pinkie. More and more, viola playing seems to be not only getting your body to do what you want it to do, but being more aware what the heck it's doing.

I've also found out that I've been pronouncing the word "genuine" incorrectly for decades. Apparently it doesn't rhyme with swine.

Back in Malaysia, I've come to realize that most people use "alumni" as both a singular and plural term... I've known for a while that I'm an "alumnus", but the feminine version "alumna" is fairly new to me.

Also, as we know the plural for Secretary of State is Secretaries of State and by extension it's "Mentris Besar" (why it's not spelled as "Menteris" is another kettle of fish) and not Mentri Besars. Unless the MB is really really fat I guess, and nobody likes him.

And I was thinking, what about your neighbourhood jaga kereta?

You got it...

Jagas kereta.

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jagas kereta