Friday, April 10, 2009

"Die, mummy bastards, die!"

I've been catching up a bit with my movie watching, and today's feature was The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. I knew beforehand to keep expectations low, but I didn't expect it to stoop so low as to include the line, "Die, mummy bastards, die!"

Still, a look at one of my old favourites, The Book of Lists shows us that things could be far, far worse. Thankfully this was before the era of sequels:

Robot Monster (1953)
The ultimate in sci-fi insanity, this one features robot invaders in gorilla suits and diving helmets. The producers of the film were not even sure where the strange creatures came from, as the movie appeared under the alternate titles of Monsters from the Moon and Monster from Mars. The reaction to this film was so negative that young director Phil Tucker attempted suicide shortly after its release.

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shortie said...

I missed that line! Must watch again and look out, I mean, hear out (is that such phrase? or would ears out sound better?) for the line "Die Mummy Die" :D