Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Next Resolution, Please

It came, it went, it waved bye-bye.

(Which, by the way, is the insider's translation of "Veni, vidi, vici.")

And it was called January.

Like always, before you know it it runs right past, and a month is gone. Hard to imagine that it was only a year ago that I was hauling myself back to school through the snow after 3 hours sleep for second 16-hour day. And yet it's also hard to imagine that it's slowly creeping up to a year since I've been back in Malaysia.

And while I'm not entirely pleased how much of 2008 just went by, the new month resolution plan of 2009 seems to be a rather productive strategy. I managed to get a basic grasp of soundpost setting - and just as importantly, the tools and the 3/4 violin guinea pig in order to proceed with my Frankenstein experiments. Actually it's more like being a blind violin dentist, except that if I talked to my patient, you should, well, worry. And I auditioned for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra - not the best stuff I've recorded, but I think the overall spirit, "What the heck, here goes" deserves a bit of credit. If I'm only going out when I'm perfect, I don't go out much. And one thing I've realized towards the end of January is that I really need to get out more, and in more ways than one.

Thus, my February resolution, which is to try and find a way to make this project (with Jebat, and possibly with Jocelyn if she's still in town) happen:

(Click to enlarge)

It may happen, it may not, but if it's the latter it won't be from lack of trying. To that, the idealization of giving effort it's place and not just the cynicism of statistics, I am thus resolved.

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