Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gone With the Wind

The upper-grade Colophane rosin: good. Gets a nice grip on the string (i.e. better than Jade) without it being too sticky (i.e. Pirastro) or dusty (i.e. Bernadel). Comes in some really neat packaging - one shaped like a violin, another like a pocketwatch (with a magnetic closing mechanism), and the last as an octagonal box. Not exactly economical though - market price around RM90. It'll last me probably at least 4 years, though chances are there'll be a new fad by then. I'm also a little curious about the Larsen rosin.

I think I put it through a little unfair competition though: played in a gig next to the ocean, and the wind was so strong that the salt particles from the breeze ended up making the bow lose almost all traction. Nice chance to test out survival skills gained in the last two years of study though: played the entire gig with one foot holding down my stand and the other holding down the cellist's stand. A Jewish wedding in Malaysia, rather fascinating - and I thought I saw it all when a year ago I saw a groom read his vows (of his second marriage to someone half his age) from large cue-cards held up by his mother.


Amanda said...

After IUSB, I think we can literally play through a storm...
how did you manage with salt and sand! :S didnt it get in your eyes?

AF said...

It was next to the ocean but without a beach (water goes up to a wall), so no sand... the salt in the air was terrible though, had to pummel the instrument. Thankfully it's gotten back to normal. :)