Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I've had a pretty good time on YouTube. There are of course those who have some sort of misdirected rage at life and use it scattering various bullets across the Net, but on the most part there are good, decent people out there.

YouTube these days has been one of my potted plants. I sorta remember to sprinkle some water on it from time to time, but my current rehearsal schedule would make regularly new videos a little out of the way. Nevertheless it's been interesting to see a couple of comments off and on from new YouTubers, and this one by far has been the most interesting:
"I am 46 and have a viola in my closet, I have not played sence the 7th grade that is almost 35 years ago, I now have 2 chidern of my own. I want them to learn. I could kick myself for not contenuing my lessions. my kids will play if it kills them"

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