Monday, July 21, 2008

All Facebooked Up

I now proudly have people from all aspects of my life on Facebook: primary school in KL, elementary school in Michigan, secondary school in Penang, college in KL, university in Penang, work in Thailand, university in Indiana, orchestras in Penang, KL and Thailand, and a bunch of people I'm lucky to have met in between. Including some that I wouldn't have gotten to know better had it not been for Facebook itself. I'm a person who has moved a few too many times in my life, and having a networking tool is particularly useful for me - and one of the reasons why Melbourne seems a particularly attractive place to go. Plus, once in a while, I really get a laugh out of something on Facebook... and sometimes it's unintentional, like this from my Fluff Friends:

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tash said...

hii! xD and facebook is addictive!