Friday, January 25, 2008

Articulated Light

It's been an incredibly, unbelievably busy time. 14-hour days on the inside, 18-hour days on the outside. And getting to the dashboard the brain cells tend to be a little fried, and thus my little haitus.

Nevetheless, here's a little sample from the musical world: Ligeti's Artikulation. It's electronic, and contemporary - two things are interesting about this. First is the use of a visual instead of notated music score, and second is a little hint of R2-D2 (towards the end) some thirty years before the advent of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

I've been thinking of the computer screen as a pretty remarkable device - if you think about it, we moved pretty quickly from light as an indicator in the dark, to light as a conduit of information. Albeit of course, the TV, which I view as a halfway house especially in the light of how all the major TV programs are online, and equally affected by the writers' strike.

Imagine for a moment having a flashlight that could feed you lunch. And while we're here, you might find flashlights as a hobby interesting.

Essentially though, both Edison's light bulb and the laptop screen are the same thing: an illuminating source to simply show us where everything is.

What we've changed is what we consider to be "everything".

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