Sunday, August 05, 2007

Four Minor Meanderings

I think Alex Yoong, our one and only F-1 driver, should showcase to the world the qualities of Malaysian drivers. He should swerve in and out of lanes with a cigarette out the window, bang people from behind, stop in the middle of the track and then step out with a parang. Then we can do a Merdeka video with the theme, “50 Years of I Kid You Not Driving”. Malaysia Boleh!

Citibank has this couple of shelves which house an impressive array of awards. I went up close to examine them, and the first thing which caught my eye was “First place – Three-legged race”. Which is of course exactly what you expect your bankers to be capable of when push comes to shove.

I passed by a al-Rajhi Bank the other day and saw the theme, “Truth, honor, respect. Just values.” In Malaysia of course, that would be a little bit different when read aloud. You see, when the bank cheats you of all your money, and you go to complain by quoting their motto, they can say, “Just values-mah. This is business.”

The new VFS system for applying for US visas is a total scam. When at the embassy, people are asked at the counter to help fill out questionairres on the new system. Nothing said it better than the Malaysian who responded, “Can I be honest?” The American was a little surprised and asked, “Um, what?” to which he repeated at a dynamic which anyone in the hall could hear, “CAN – I - BE – HONEST?”

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