Monday, August 06, 2007

And Lo Behold, There Was Dreamweaver

I've been commissioned to work alongside the Stage Manager in arranging a new website for the School of the Arts, and the above is a graphic of the homepage I came up with using Dreamweaver, which came in the Adobe CS2 Suite I bought last semester. I think if you click on the graphic you can view it at full size.

Below the title is actually a Flash video, which I randomly snatched from YouTube for now, as we're just in the planning stage of things. I worry that the page is a tad bit congested - the other comments I've received so far mainly have to do with the color of the headline - one suggested that it needed to stand out more, and another thought the use of the blue was, ahem, scary. Doesn't really matter in the end - chances are that most of it won't be able to be used because of university guidelines as to a "unified image".


stev said...

not bad eh andrew ;)

the actual url/site up if you dont mind sharing?

Amanda said...

It looks good. Though i agree the blue isnt the best color. Other than that: YEay!! we have a website!! (amazing)

AF said...

The site isn't up yet - these are preliminary designs for the project. I'm hoping for a little autonomy, but chances are will be held tightly to current IU webpage templates.