Sunday, February 04, 2007

Oh My Geek

One of the guys I met here actually used to work on the Star Trek communicator badges, one of which you see above. He actually had met Gene Roddenberry, and gave him a holiday version of the communicator - which, when pressed, played a Christmas tune.

As a professed Trekkie (Trekker!), with specialization in Voyager, I am particularly anticipating the next Star Trek movie, especially since it had been mentioned that they wouldn't make any more of them.

I just hope it means that they've stopped making bad movies on Star Trek. Mediocre fans are right now cursing me for saying that, but real Trekkers are nodding their heads sagely.

I also came across this interesting thingumajig debating Star Wars versus Star Trek - and all I can say is that Wil Wheaton has freakishly fast wardrobe changes.

If you also like Frasier, you'll find this interesting.


stev said...

oh my geekness!

i know a trekkie in RL?!


(sorry but to me its still meh tho. maybe if i spent some time actually watching it... but most science-fics arent my cup of tea. other than star wars tho. hmm...)

IngSoc said...

I'm afraid we're going to have to excommunicate you, Andrew. You're a Voyager fan.

If you were an Enterprise fan, we'd have to burn you at the stake.