Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Albeit Some Reminders...

... here are things I've learned since coming here.

1. The notes of the Walton Viola Concerto.

2. Which is both saying something and yet not saying much.

3. Some jokes are a riot, others just bomb. Humour must be a tool of the terrorist. Or the footballer.

4. Just because people are impressed with your work doesn't mean that they'll stick up for you at crunch time.

5. Thankfully some will.

6. People in the arts are just about the only people who don't mind talking about their work, after work.

7. That is an integral part of their musicality.

8. There's only one person who will really watch out for you: you.

9. And sometimes that person's a lazy ass.

10. Some people are argumentative for the reason of the lightning rod effect - focusing attention to get debate.

11. No matter what's on TV - Fox News or Comedy Central - sticking a lightning rod into your TV will still kill your TV.

12. And burn down your house.

13. That tutti in middle of the second movement of the Walton Viola Concerto really does sound like the theme song of National Geographic.

14. It's a jungle out there.

15. Compared to journalism class, anyone who gets personally offended in Performance Lab is a sissy.

16. Embarassment is a different thing though. That's what separates the reporter's keyboard and the one with white and black keys. The latter has no backspace.

17. Chai tea is the only good tea that doesn't come from a teapot. At least I don't have to look for the Grim.

18. They shouldn't tell us about interesting movies that are coming out until it's at your doorstep. It's like a Valentine's invitation... for next year.

19. When forms say that gender is optional, they mean that writing your gender is optional.

20. There's a big difference between when things aren't fair and when things aren't right.

21. You can find whole episodes of Star Trek on YouTube.

22. Therein lies a black hole and a time warp, all in one.

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Amanda said...

This might give you some perspective in that your not alone. I wrote this after my first semester here:

#16 Dec 1 2004

Confused and dazed we came
put in a world of fog
Music lingering around us
Why is this world so odd?
In vice
addiction and romance
we fell deep into a hole.
Trapped ourselves in never-land
Where was the door?
We fought, we lied, we struggled
to find ourselves once more.
To capture in our hearts,
the music we once adored.
Suspended in uncertainty
We long for an escape;
A final resolution
that will determine
our fate.