Friday, January 12, 2007

Yuletide Stew

After mush aggravation (spelling intended), my scholarship money is finally all into the account, and I've managed to avoid a second late fee, jeopordization of my student status, risking my visa status, sending my account to a collection agency and, eventually, oh you know, something they call deportation. I kid you not.

Well, I suppose if it had come to it I could have used money that was sent to me as an X'mas present, but that would have been wrong on more than one level, a matter of principle as well as, well, Yuletide spirit. Honestly though, it has been such a pain dealing with this problem, who sent the memo that my life wasn't complicated enough as it is? Those of you who read this blog regularly (and my thanks to you guys while we're mentioning that) know that I don't often rant about personal matters here. You would also know that I'm particularly fond of making bad jokes that deal with cheesy metaphors, and there's no reason to break with tradition:

Andrew F says: may be getting a Mac laptop... sort of a Christmas present from my folks

~*fallen angel*~ says: wow tat is great

~*fallen angel*~ says: y don u set up an illegal store, selling bak kut teh?

Andrew F says: haha

Andrew F says: selling bak kut teh to buy an Apple

Andrew F says: there's something very fishy about that

Andrew F says: talk about all your food groups!

~*fallen angel*~ says: nothing fishy.... its an acquired taste

~*fallen angel*~ says: low cost/ high profit....n if no business, cook one bowl n finish it then go back la

Andrew F says: go back like get deported

Andrew F says: or at least get my pots and bowls taken away from me... "depotted"!

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stev said...

glad that things worked/working out

LOLLL at the depotted pun