Monday, December 11, 2006

What's That Phrase?

Go to the CNN website, click on videos and search for Jeanne Moos, and watch "Bush's contagious catch-phrase". What's the phrase? "The Way Forward".

Which every Malaysian knows didn't really start with the bipartisan report on Iraq - it was the name of a book by Mahathir Mohamed, former Prime Minister of Malaysia, published in 1999.

Additional non-related note: musicians are the only ones who, when applauded, walk straight out of the room.

I found this quote by Woody Herman, on one of the scores in the music library which I manage: "It is no longer a luxury to have a very good, comprehensive musical education. It is a must! Young people today have so much to say that is valid, that it is up to us to help and encourage them to find a way… This is our way!"

Very true. Though it was a little ironic that the name of the score was "Things Ain’t What They Used To Be."

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