Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What, Did I Blink?

Not too long ago, I took this picture of Fall trees, with nice bright colours and anticipating a field of leaves to roam in.

But have you seen the way all the leaves flop down in one go in the last Harry Potter movie? Well, that's a freaky Fall and that's what we've got. I must have blinked, coz suddenly I saw this:

Yup, that's snow. Very Chronicles of Narnia-ish, to me. The snow, thankfully, didn't simmer in sludgeland before melting away. The clouds here have been on occasion remarkable:


It's been hectic as always, and at the end of this month I've got a jury to play before, followed by part of a recital, where I'll probably be doing the first movement of the Walton. On one hand I'm happy that the term has moved as quickly as it has - that much closer to the next stage in this little journey. On the other hand I'm... contemplative that there's that much of an inclination to moving on to the next stage.

I suppose music school seems to me to be more of a course in mechanics, rather than an appreciation of the design of an automobile or even that of driving. Not that there isn't satisfaction at having good mechanics, that's something I've needed for sure, but it's a little surprising how few there are who are up for just getting to making music without a stage, jury, course or concert as a prerequisite. Sometimes I wonder if some people are really here just to prepare to get a good job.

And on a different issue, in a sense it's sobering to see Asian values in relief and to place in new value. And sad to see the occasional Asian here without them (don't worry, if you're reading this, it's not about you). I get a feeling it's not so much as taking things for granted, but I need to remind myself to being a little more grateful perhaps. At least I admit it, eh?

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stev said...

that is VERY VERY narnia-like


so it really is true seemingly in the bat of an eyelid? no sudden signs of when the change(s) occur?

is it really about asian values? or just 'do the right thing'? ;)