Friday, November 17, 2006

Innovation Friday: What IF Fire Extinguishers Were... Flammable?

Welcome back to Innovation Friday! Yay!

Today we take one fire extinguisher:

Nice, neatly marked with a sign pointing to it, so that anyone who could tell what the big red tube thing in a glass box was, would know that it was a fire extinguisher (the question is, if someone didn't already notice it, would he, um, be able to read the sign?)

Anyway, up close, we have more reading:

And at this point I'm going, hmmmmm, a fire extinguisher that is non-flammable. That ought to be a good thing. I mean, what if the fire extinguisher was, um, flammable?

Like I said, good to know!
Though I suppose if the music industry followed the same exhaustiveness in labels, we'd all have:

Something tells me that might not catch on.


stev said...

i'd love to stick 'stupidproof' labels everywhere if it could work :D

eg9 said...

...apparently there is a TESCO frozen dessert meringue box which has "Do not turn box upside down" printed amongst the small text on the bottom of the box.

AF said...

stupidproof - heh heh heh

tesco box - it should have 'too late' on the top of the box after people hurriedly turn it right side up

this keyboard - shift keys don't work