Monday, July 24, 2006


It's not quite as obvious in the pic, so I've linked the pic to a 4-sec avi media file of the cabin. The steward actually said, "Come in, enjoy the smoke... um, air-con."

AirAsia, or as I like to call it, AirAiyah, or occasionally AirAiyohsia, has become the Proton of aviation. Cheap enough that we'll flock, but lousy enough that we'll complain. All we need now is a Perodua.

That being said, another steward gave pretty good advice when the flu and flight had caused my left ear to be completely blocked off, with a migraine to boot. To heck with the water and the sweets, just plug your nose and blow - not an entirely enjoyable experience, but at least it does the trick.

Seem to be progressing with my book-cooking meds, or perhaps it's because I slipped in a couple of teaspoons of...

Really good stuff, even if I wouldn't know any better if the words said "Rat poison, please provide in plenty to violists."

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Khoon Yu said...

Yeah, there was a recent feud between MAS and AirAsia, and between some MPs about the floor price issue. I think too much support and intervention by the government is not good in the long run. And Proton is failing and will cease operating in due time. It's a pity they failed to learn from its nearest competitor, Perodua. It's too late for Proton. Poor management leads to a lot of damages.