Wednesday, April 12, 2006

PC Circus

Last weekend I went to the circus that was called PC Fair. Actually, considering the booths, it was more like a PC Zoo. I usually detest crowds, but whenever PC Fair is around I'm quite happy to go, partially because there's something different about this kind of crowd, and partially because of the reunion factor - I tend to bump into people I haven't met in a while, which did happen once again. It's been a while because I've been living in Thailand, but my observations on this last PC Fair are as following:

1. People are wising up to all the handouts and flyers that get stuffed their way. However, people are basically still idiots. Instead of just not taking them to begin with (kata "Tak nak!"), they're just dumping them straight onto the ground. Considering the people traffic, if the floor was dirt, the process of biodegration would have been quick.
2. The presenters are getting lebih aggresif coz they know their paper cepat-cepat jadi carpet sudah. Towards the end, they end up shouting out "LAST SET! MUST GO!", the sound systems can be heard halfway across the stadium, and one company even used those compressed-air horns. It's a jungle in there.
3. This year's theme: "Who can imitate iPod best?" And with the flair of shamelessness that we usually have towards movie DVDs but now apparently have upgraded to computer technology pula.

Even with the RM2 fee, parking was crazy as always, and the self-adjusted lyrics of Rasa Sayang came to mind:

<-- "Lihat, Nona: Jauh! Parking mana, mana, eh?"
Rasaya Bayang Parking

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