Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Phone is Bach, and Maladies Mysterious

I'm down with one of these mystery ailments - running nose but not quite a cold, foggy head but not quite a fever, that sort of thing. It's also known as the Students' Prize Malady (SPM), because if I were still in school, I could stay at home and not yet be medicated.

Unfortunately I had to go out to get my phone fixed (it's now up and about again guys), and that took out a whole amount of energy I didn't quite have. Even with everyone's household drug addiction called caffeine. I met Colonel Sanders when I went out, and somehow I don't think coffee was quite what he was on:

"Come on baby, yeah."

Amazing that without his glasses, it's making me think, I'm guessing - Tongkat Ali? Now I get how Clark Kent could get away with being Superman. I mean, other than the fact that Lois Lane was such a ding-dong.

With this sort of should-I-take-Yomeishu thing, viola practice is difficult. Which makes me realize why spending half of practice time on studies, etudes, scales and other things technical is boring for younger people and more attractive as you get older: it comes down to emotional capacity. At this stage and this age, there's enough of that in real life so dry and methodical technical work becomes appealing. Not to mention that he results are somewhat more scientifically measurable. Practicing repertoire - I'll say with the possible exception of Bach, and I know somebody will scream foul play - needs some sort of emotional connection, and sometimes that kind of energy is more pricey than a mostly mental and physical sort of energy.


bratsche said...


Oy I met Frank, from the violin shop, who seems to know you from Bangkok.

eg9 said...

You do seem uncharacteristically exhausted... from your grammar.

Maybe it's a Penang blood thing. I've been feeling very imunosuppressed the past fortnight or so, and my mom and bro were sick too.

Nobody else I know in KL is ill tho and we were wondering if it was some kind of remote virus.

AF said...

JDA> Yeah, I read on your blog, good to know Frank is getting into the performance picture as well. He and I played in the viola ensemble in Bangkok, and I took some lessons from his former prof.

Sneexe> Yeah, just got over whatever bug it was. How so, grammatically... I know the sentences are a little overstretched, but anything else?