Friday, April 28, 2006

Innovation Friday: What IF Pool Renovations Were Themed After Nature?

The new-and-improved pool at Universiti Sains Malaysia blends with the environment to evoke a calming ambience

So far, no official comments have been made about the new color of the university swimming pool, but the issue has certainly attracted a certain number of theories as to what lies ahead for the varsity's aquatic future.

"We're in a multi-racial society," said one student. "We cannot judge a pool by the color of its skin."

Whether or not it is judged remains to be seen, but it is the opinion of some quarters that this may be in the spirit of keeping things "green", and it certainly blends with the surrounding grass and trees. As one alumnus said, "You see ah, when the kadet people go for their you know-ah, training lah, now can do underwater kem-o-flush-wan!"

Speculation also exists in connection with another rumour about the university ordering in sharks. "I imagine that the lifeguard trainees will get some real valuable experience, and the weak ones will be weeded out fairly easily," said a bystander. "It's all about saving lives, after all."

Another theory is connected to the nearby cafeteria, popular with students for its meats and fish, but not its greens. As one student commented, "Have you noticed how much extra veggies are left over after every meal, and also that the garbage man whistles more nowadays? I'm a math major, I know how to put two and two together. It's twenty-two."

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