Wednesday, April 26, 2006

End Credits by Ronaldinho

Imagine what it'd be like if a bunch of audiophile aliens decided to spy on us by placing bugs in our hair and sampling the soundtracks of our lives. With football on the tellies during my late-night tosai at the mamak stall, I imagine the current end credits would be what sounds like static followed by, "Oh, would you look at that!" Either that or TNA wrestling, which come to think of it would actually be almost identical, just louder.

"The sounds they make during their... nocturnal activites just get weirder and weirder."
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In other news, my trusty (hahaha!) Proton's been picking up a few new bad habits, with the capability of lying being foremost on the list. It used to be just the dang fuel gauge looking like I pumped beer and not petrol into the thing, but now the low-fuel light's also going off like it didn't know the Christmas tree season was way over.

End of April. I like it, for a few reasons. Number one is that Astro satellite TV's gonna show Miss Congeniality 2 in a couple of days. Also, it's only a month away from the much awaited X-Men 3 (whoo-hoo!). Plus, I just got my USD300 cheque from Strings Magazine which should speed up my planned Singapore trip without eating into my savings (aha!!). Lastly, which is more annoying to you - this linguistic trip of seemingly necessary first words at the beginning of my sentences with throughly unnecessary italics (or these equally pointless words in parentheses sprinkled with an abuse of punctuation?!)

Actually, (unrepentant!) I've been quite happy that I've got some other cool offers to universities, and I can make the big decision on the masters program soon. Won't list them till I've signed on the dotted line, but it was a bit of an honour to be accepted into the Birmingham Conservatoire in the UK, even though the financial aid is almost surely going to be quite limited in that offer.

A little bit of Internet reading - the first super-blog I read, Things I Hate About My Flatmate apparently was resurrected but I liked the way it was before i.e. up to March 2005. It whines a little much now, and has lost the chilli-powder brevity it once had, and which I never did. Former Star Trek star Wil Wheaton has moved from blogging to podcasting with his Radio Free Burrito, which is actually an improvement mostly because he's really interesting without his prior narcissism (or much less of it, anyway). Waiterrant is still a good read, though Post Secret is the best one today, I think.

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