Friday, April 14, 2006

Beware of this girl!

You think you've read it all when it comes to email forwards. We've all got the ones from Barclays Bank saying that we have to update an account we don't actually have... and the occasional email that escapes the spam filter about Viagra generics... for geriatrics. And of course, there's the ever classic one about some detroned prince of some African kingdom who is willing to split his fortune with you. I had a good guffaw with that one. Oh yeah, and the same story - with Bill Gates instead. (Which seems even less likely than the African one).

Then I get this email that's entitled "Beware of this girl", which starts:

Beware of this girl named ... She's about 22 years old, Cantonese, extremely fair, petite, pretty and very very sexy, voluptous and curvacious body.

And after a personal account of her cheating someone out a car and house, comes to:

She started by her sob sob stories that... she has to 'sell her body' to get money to pay the medical bills, her college fees and also her father suffering from some other kind of terminal illness.

And to top it off:

She also changes her cellphone number. Initially it was 019, later 012, 017 latest is...

And leaves a phone number. The person who sent it to me thought it just might be someone with a personal grudge to settle, but reallllly - doesn't just sound like high-end prostitution meets very clever advertising?

On a different note: I really had a good laugh with the April 8 post on this blog, linked from the Seong's site.

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