Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Where Weird Words Lead'th Thou

I basically use Gmail because my Yahoo is getting clogged up with stuff I don't want but I'm too guilty to unsubscribe to. Or perhaps because I've forgotten the myriad of weird passwords that I used to sign up for things like OKCupid! Quizzes with such intellectual topics like "The If You Were A Beer Test". Definately new inroads into statistical testing and measurement at the highest level.

In fact, my very first (now defunct) email account was based on weird words - gundik@yahoo.com - simply because when I was 16, finding out that "gundik" meant "concubine" was somehow hilarious. (This was pre-Geisha movies, mind you, when movies were in those old theatres, with the really huge screens, the occasional rat, and bubble gum dating from when it was legal to have it in Singapore). Of course, I started getting horny emails from people like "Zakar Zakaria" thinking that it was a prostitute's email, and so, there it went.

Today I actually bothered to read the Joshua Bell newsletter, and through that I came across the blog of Jeremy Denk, who is Joshua's current accompanist. Check out the posting on Feb 25, great stuff, I wanna do that kind of writing one of these days. I also liked the Feb 10th posting, with this:

Cabbie: So. I had piano lessons.

Me: Is that so?

Cabbie: Yeah. The teacher told me "no, you're not doing that thumbcrossing right," and I told her go to hell, I'm going to play football.

[I silently reflect this is the shortest piano lesson story I have ever been told, and perhaps the best. This man probably speaks for piano students everywhere.]

I can totally identify with the teacher.

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