Monday, March 27, 2006


Prepping for my recital has been good - there's something about momentum that keeps three non-stop rounds of Kreutzer 9 in place. Also had some fun writing up my recital program, including:

The Andante and Hungarian Rondo (sometimes written in the original Italian “Rondo Ungarase”) is best known as a famous solo bassoon work, to be performed with orchestra. However, it was originally composed for viola in late 1809, and was only later reconstructed for bassoon. It was only in a meeting of a prominent Weber scholar and a son of a famous violist, that this work came to light.

A major difference between the viola and bassoon works is that the bassoonist has a limit to how much breath he/she has – and so that arrangement has a generally more upbeat tempo, and some omitted notes for breathing space. Viola music on the other hand is generally breath-taking, and a slower, somewhat grander interpretation of “Andante” is available.

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