Sunday, March 19, 2006

Reality's Like That

Tit for tat
Butter for fat
You kill my dog
I kill your cat

And you know it's that much more freakish without punctuation.

I've been making up weird news, when reality just has so much to offer. For those who haven't already seen it:

HERE for a video of a policeman who talks to a class about the dangers of guns. And then shoots himself in the foot. Kudos for actually going on with the class after that. Hahas for saying, "I'm the only one in this room professional enough, in this room" right before. And hohos for the kid yelling "Put it down!" when he wants to show a different gun.

These past couple of days have been good, in a sober sort of way. Metaphorically meant. Which means I'm a allowed a more literal beer. I've atoned for a couple of errors, one of which was long overdue, and also left a lose-lose situation with the traditional Asian fake politeness on both sides. I've also accepted that I'll have to borrow some money to go to what increasingly looks like Indiana University South Bend, but with the very realistic determination to keep that amount managable and to pay it back as soon as possible and hopefully still graduate without debt. Considering the scholarship covering full tuition and housing it should really be ok, it's only the exchange rate which is a b*tch. You all know I meant butch. It is, you know. Butchish. The sad part is that the iBook... well, not any time soon. Something to work towards. Goals are good.

On a more positive side, Strings Magazine has confirmed that they'll publish my article; it'll be great to see it in international print. And yes, the cash will be handy too. Heh heh. Plus the practicing is going well, and the Reger is shaping up. The Corrette is something to look forward to, too. Penang premiere and what not.

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