Saturday, March 18, 2006

It's Hot, Part 3

As I typed this earlier, it must have been very close to 40C. Freakish.

Air Itam, Penang - Thurs. A Form 1 science teacher at SMK Air Takda was attacked by students when she gave a lesson on Kitar Air (the water cycle). Apparently, the students, suffering from high temperatures and no rain, were angered by the teacher's assertion that the sun heated the ocean waters that in turn rain upon the land, creating a balance in nature. "We've had enough of that BS from politicians hoping to grasp school prefect positions," said a student on condition of anonymity. "We are all already suspicious when we read that we were blessed to be free from natural disasters. I'm 12-years old, you think I don't know how to spell 'tsunami'?" The only comment from school authorities was the one short sentence from the school principal, "It was ugly."

Penang, Sat. - Muthusamy Samymuthu really knows how to take lemons and make lemonade. When his car's air-conditioning broke down, he thought he was in serious trouble considering Penang's soaring temperatures. So he put a few open water containers in the back of his taxi. But instead of a cooling effect, he created a sauna in his taxi, and with that a new fad with Western tourists. "Sometimes you have to create your own kitar air," he said.
Muthusamy also has a side business: he places raw chicken meat in the boot of his taxi and sells it later as steamed chicken. "It's good that these people who like saunas don't have much luggage," he says, "Though I'm still not used to all these naked people in the back of my taxi."

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