Saturday, February 18, 2006

Telling Truth To... Chicken

Apparently, the tradition of streaking in Princeton as mentioned earlier by Teng Jian on my tagboard is more than just a tradition - it's competitive, as reported at The Daily Pennsylvanian.

And talking about Pennsylvanians, came across this
article when Googling last night's figure skating results. Totally fabulous; if I hadn't given up serious journalism for music, I would be reasonably happy writing something like that.

I've been more blunt than usual, though apparently no where near Johnny Weir. Especially when I haven't had enough of sleep. Today at lunch, when my chicken and char siu rice came, I didn't wait for the waitress to leave before openly remarking, "Wah, so pathetic wan."

And being half Chinese, having Malay relatives as well as Indian blood sort of allows for some liberties where in others there just might be a little tact. When my lime (limau) juice came, I said, "Aiyo. Malay and Indian people give me one whole limau. See lah, Chinese people, give me only half." But to be fair, I sipped it and then remarked, "But Chinese people smart, taste same wan."

And when someone said my taste in yellow lighting could be substituted with wearing yellow-tinted sunglasses, I replied, "Or we could get you a minor's helmet." To which we both laughed.

Goodness knows what happens when I actually get enough sleep.

Also noticed that "lor mai kai" (glutinous rice), if read in Thai, means "handsome without chicken".

Source: Melbourne Daze.

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